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"There's no greater investment than the investment in you.

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Book in for a 1-1 Online Coaching Session with Christie Lee Manning.


Spend 45 - 60 minutes uncovering your own limiting beliefs and negative tapes. Christie will provide ground-breaking tools to unearth your self-sabotage, unblocking your patterns and ultimately facilitate you getting out of your own way.


jessie leeperforming artist

" Christie has given me the gentle push I needed to begin healing and unlearning all the false beliefs that have held me back for most of my life. The level of insight, wisdom and genuine compassion is unparalleled. Christie has given me is the clear understanding of where I need to return to each time I feel things getting the better of me.I can't thank her enough for the tools, love, and support she's given me."


charlotte ravenprofessional dancer

"Christie has the gift of seeing what may be hidden to you and enables you to uncover this for yourself in a safe and supported way. This theory keeps you connected to your wants, needs and dreams rather than external forces. It helps you to understand that you as an individual are at the centre of creating your life and making the change that you need to be successful."


jennifer welch, entrepreneur

"1-1s have been an absolute game changer. It's like having your own personal cheerleader who completely gets you through sheer profound emotional intelligence or lived experience. I have never felt so safe and recognised whilst talking about all the things I struggle with the most in this wonderful yet incredibly tough industry. I honestly cannot recommend these services enough!

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