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episode one: 

disconnect from external validation and become the most

powerful version of yourself. 

" You will be your best artist if you are your best person, which is why self discovery is so important. As artists I know we all understand that we have beliefs about ourselves that aren’t true. But you can’t just stop there. You have to ask yourself the hard questions. Why. Why are you carrying around that belief. You have to do the work.

That’s how you heal." 



Christie Lee Manning is the director of 

two theatre companies, three full length productions, and a four week artist development program in London, UK. After 20+ years in the entertainment industry, Christie's hunger for self discovery and personal evolution exploded into podcast form. 


Christie created The Inside Out Theory to teach the world how to disconnect from external validation and free us to become the truest, brightest, and most powerful versions of ourselves.


strengthen your mind. 

strengthen your game

The Inside Out Theory is a thought process. It's a way of thinking that enables us to disconnect from external validation, allowing positivity to flow freely from our subconscious. It teaches us to place the focus within ourselves instead of outside ourselves, strengthening our connection to our truest selves while simultaneously challenging the voice of our ego. It opens us up to the purest form of happiness we all seek from outside sources, recognising it is always within us in every moment. 

" When you outside-in live,

you are basing your decisions, your experiences, your self-worth,

on external validation. When you outside-in live, you always lose.


But when you inside-out live, you serve yourself first.

When you inside-out live,

you always win." 

serena ruth, creative artist

"Christie Lee Manning initiated one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. She is an expert in creating spaces in which impulses that were previously ignored or forgotten can be brought back to the fore."


anna clifford, yoga instructor

"There aren't enough words in the English language to describe the impact Christie has on her world. Her energy makes even the most frustrated people find new motivation to strive for greatness. I've never met a leader like her."


vanessa mayfield, circus performer

"Christie not only helped me see obstacles that were standing in my way, she did it in a way that brought just as much joy to participate in as it did to see the others around me grow and inspire each other. "

  Inside Out Theory

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